A green tech solution for water and soil conservation 

Vetiver is an extremely useful plant. Most people have hear of Vetiver through it's sweet, woody, earthly and reviving essence, and it is highly regarded in India for it's Ayurvedic properties. In fact in the Bhagavad Gita Lord Krishna describes it as "THE FRAGRANCE OF THE SOIL". However the aromatic uses of the plant are only the tip of the iceberg (or in this case the tip of the root system) as Vetiver is one of the most useful plants of the planet for protecting our soil and water from environmental disaster.

Vetiver grass is so useful because of its organic network of roots that grow directly down at a rate of 2-4metres in it's first year and they have with a high tensile strength of 75 MPa or approximately 1/6th of steel. Vetiver has been given the nickname "Living Steel" and these roots are not only strong they also are scientifically proven to remove heavy metals and antibiotics in soil as well as clean waste water by reducing nitrate and phosphate levels. 

Vetiver grass is an extraordinarily hardy plant, capable of thriving in extremely polluted, acidic, and harsh environments.  It has more commonly been used in Third World countries with minimal resources, however due to the recent efforts of The Vetiver Network International and the formation of  the "Vetiver System" it is beginning to be planted worldwide as people are striving to use more environmentally friendly and economical practices.


DR. PAUL TRUONG - Paul Truong has been working with Vetiver for over 20 years, and is the Technical Director TVNI (The Vetiver Network International), as well as the Director for Asia and the Pacific. As the leading vetiver research scientist Paul has focused on vetiver's ability to improve water quality and control pollution and hence has become the father of the Vetiver System for Environmental Protection.

He started working with vetiver in Queensland, Australia in the early 1990’s, and since then has promoted the technology world wide. He has been instrumental in most regional and international workshops and conferences, and has over the past 7 years initiated and supported extensive vetiver RD in Vietnam. Paul lives in Brisbane, Australia. For more info on Paul please visit the Veticon website :

DANIEL LONDONO - Daniel has 14 years of research and development (RD) experience applying Bio-engineering techniques and phyto-technologies between South America and Australia. As a qualified Civil Engineer with focus on Infrastructure developments; his main experience is in the construction of roads, earthmoving and urban infrastructure. 

Daniel has vast experience in the development of Bio-engineering solutions and the application and use of The Vetiver grass Technology addressing infrastructure developments, capacity to research and to develop non-conventional solutions. From 2009 Daniel has been working and learning with Dr. Paul Truong conducting further research on Vetiver Grass Technology as a Phytoremediation tool for waste water management, prevention and treatment of contaminated soil and water, and the positive community developments related to it. For more information on Daniel please visit the TVNI website