Winter 2015



Firstly a big thank you for making it out to one (or all) of the
events we held last month with David Holmgren and his partner Su
Dennett. It was a truly inspirational weekend, and we are still
absorbing the wealth of knowledge that was shared.

At present as well as farming, Free Farm is planning its next workshop
series, which will be a Natural Building Earthbag intensive (likely to
take place in November 2015) as well as creating a full Permaculture
Design Plan of our property that we will eventually be sharing as an
online learning tool via our website for free!

For those of you local crew who are interested in supporting our
town's movement towards sustainability you can check out the 100%
Sustainable Mullumbimby facebook page, as there is lots happening that
you can contribute your passion and purpose towards. [2]

We are truly interested in finding out what you want to learn, what
you want us to grow, and any ideas you have for us at Free Farm.
Please keep the dialogue flowing as we want to learn and evolve with
our community. The best way to get hold of us is at

 Hoping this finds you all well.